Review Contributors to Volume 27, Nos. 1-2

Kanishka Chowdhury

Kanishka Chowdhury is Professor of English and Director of the American Culture and Difference program at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in globalization, postcolonial studies, and Marxist theory. He is the author of The New India: Citizenship, Subjectivity, and Economic Liberalization (2011), as well as pieces in journals such as College Literature, Cultural Critique, Cultural Logic, Modern Fiction Studies, and Science & Society.

Barbara Foley

Barbara Foley is Distinguished Professor II of English and American Studies at Rutgers University, Newark Campus. She has published widely in the fields of Marxist criticism, literary radicalism, and African American literature. Her books include Spectres of 1919: Class and Nation in the Making of the New Negro (Illinois 2003); Wrestling with the Left: The Making of Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man (Duke 2010); and Jean Toomer: Race, Repression, and Revolution (forthcoming, Illinois 2014). She is on the manuscript committee and editorial board of Science & Society and is President of the Radical Caucus of the Modern Language Association.

Matthew Moraghan

Matt Moraghan is a Ph.D. student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His doctoral research examines how the formal innovations of American modernists function as critical responses to liberalism, and financial liberalization in particular. He is also an Associate Editor for ebr, the electronic book review.

Josh Robinson

Josh Robinson is a lecturer at the Cardiff University School of English, Communication and Philosophy, and works primarily on English-language and comparative poetics, aesthetic theory and practice, dialectical and speculative thinking, and the history and theory of the ultra-left.

Roberto Schwarz

The author of a dozen influential books, Roberto Schwarz is considered by many to be Brazil’s foremost literary critic, and is one of the most significant Marxist critics writing today. His works available in English include A Master on the Periphery of Capitalism, Misplaced Ideas, and, most recently, Two Girls and Other Essays. He is widely credited with introducing Wertkritik in Brazil.